Bower – A Front End Package Manager Tutorial

bower tutorialRecently, I’ve been looking for ways to streamline and improve my workflow with frontend assets. This is the first article in a mini series, where I’ll be explaining my updated workflow with Bower and GruntJS. Part one covers Bower, a package manager for frontend assets and packages – this article is short Bower tutorial for the uninitiated.

Bower is comparable to Composer (a dependency manager for PHP), except for frontend assets. This is great news for any project as Bower allows for stress free management, tracking, finding and updating of all frontend assets for a project.

Previously, you may have manually copied in an updated version of say Twitter Bootsrap or JQuery into a skeleton project, or even have left and older version that has been blindly copied over. Even in medium sized projects, this process of manually setting up each package quickly becomes tiresome. Checking the version, downloading the package, updating references to any changed files etc. Instead, let Bower take away this work.
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